Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tony Curtis 1925-2010

Tony Curtis was every bit the movie star and that's the way he wanted it. A better actor than often credited, he never truly embraced it as much as being a leading man. But he leaves behind a great body of work.

He is best remembered for his comedies, Some Like It Hot (1959) ,and  Operation Petticoat (1959). His notable dramatic roles are The Defiant Ones, The Vikings, and Sweet Smell of Success.
Extraordinary performances in all of them.

I have a few personal favorites that are under the radar. Movies like The Great Imposter, a role that predates Dicaprio's "Catch Me If You Can" by 30+ years. Then there's his despicable portrayal in Kings Go Forth , seducing French mulatto girl, played by Natalie Wood, opposite Sinatra. Then of course there's Taras Bulba , Houdini , Trapeze , and an Oscar caliber performance as The Boston Strangler.

Tony Curtis had the great good fortune and skill set to leave an indelible mark on American culture as an icon in America's most enduring cultural contribution.

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