Saturday, September 25, 2010

TOP 300 MOVIES OF ALL TIME: #253 "El Cid" (1961)

In 1961, Anthony Mann directed "El Cid", one of my all time favorites. It is a star vehicle for Charlton Heston and of course Sophia Loren. If you are unfamiliar with the story of Rodrigo Diaz (the Cid), he is the feature character in the epic poem "Song of the Cid". Spain's greatest hero, an icon of integrity and true chivalry must struggle with his loyalty to an undeserving king.

He faces a divided Spain. Moorish and Christian kingdoms continuously at odds. Added to this is the complicated romance with Sophia Loren. Great stuff and one of the greatest endings ever.

Heston felt with defter direction this might have gone done as one of the greats, but even so this ranks very well

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