Saturday, September 25, 2010


Joshua Logan, as a director was very good at lavish films in exotic locations. Adapting Rodgers & Hammerstein's "South Pacific" to the big screen was no easy feat.

This is not a silly little musical. It deals with the boundaries of love and how bigotry gets in the way. It's not my kind of film, but it is evocative. The highlight is of course Juanita Hall's version of "Bali Hai"(as clipped here).

It introduces the now vocal standard "Some Enchanted Evening". The film stars Rosanno Brazzi,Mitzi Gaynor,John Kerr and of course the ever faithful Ray Walston in support. Movies musical like this often get short shrifted. It deals with issues of bigotry as our leading lady Mitzi Gaynor is conflicted with Rosanno Brazzi's children by a native wife. John Kerr, of course falls in love with a native girl. A splendid contrast.

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