Wednesday, December 15, 2010


William Wellman is one of the elite directors in film history and his 1939 remake of the silent classic, "Beau Geste" is a stirring testament to his prolific skills as a film maker.

It's the classic French Foreign Legion in the desert tale. Starring Gary Cooper, Ray Milland and Robert Preston as the Geste brothers. Star supporting performances from Susan Hayward,Brian Donleavy,J Carroll Naish, Albert Dekker and Broderick Crawford. A 12 year old Donald O'Connor plays Beau as a boy of the same age.  

All three boys wanting to join the Legion as men, foreshadowing their fate as they burn a model viking ship, simulating the classic funeral rites.
"There. That's what I want when my turn comes. I'd give anything to have a Viking's funeral... with a dog at my feet and 'last post' blown for me. If it weren't too much trouble" utters the young Beau. An epic from the ages that will never disappoint. 

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