Saturday, December 11, 2010


Directed by Mike Nichols, Carnal Knowledge" is largely forgotten for a major film with a very adult theme. Told amidst the peak of the free love era, it tells a different tale.

Jack Nicholson, and Art Garfunkel are best friends from college. We see their friendship evolve through their relationships with women over the years. Art Garfunkel should have stuck with acting, because he's very good.

Jack Nicholson, over the years becomes cynical and exploitive to the point of misogyny where women are concerned.

Candice Bergen and Ann Margaret are the principal women in their lives. Candice Bergen meets Garfunkel in college. The dirty little secret is that she hooks up with Jack. He never quite recovers as she still marries best friend Garfunkel.

Ann Margaret is great in this movie, besides being beautiful.

This is a story with perfect timing in 1971. It portrays the lonely existence of sex without consequence progressively as the characters age from young collegians to middle age. A fine,very mature effort at film making.

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