Friday, December 10, 2010


"Blazing Saddles" should speak for itself. Mel Brooks' classic western satire is as funny as they get.

Richard Pryor was going to play the lead role, but was viewed as too much of a risk. Fortunately, Cleavon Little proves up to the task. He's sincere in the role and a great straight man for the rest of the cast. Gene Wilder was always at his best under Mel Brooks's direction and he turns in a great comic performance.

Every great western, even a comic western needs a great villain. The late Harvey Korman, as Hedley Lamarr and Slim Pickens as the hired muscle are fine. Alex Karras, as Mongo has the horse punching scene.

The tour de force performance in this movie, is as always by Madeleine Kahn. She performs a great sendup of Marlene Dietrich's role in "Destry Rides Again". It's an Oscar caliber performance.

This is Mel Brooks at his creative peak.

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