Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Directed by Anthony Mann, "The Furies" is one of the most underrated films of all time. A western, but not stereotypical of the genre. Mann sets a fine black and white visual. The cast is sterling of course.

Barbara Stanwyck, is the daughter of Walter Huston, a domineering rancher who has promised his empire to Stanwyck. The two have genuine affection for each other, but are in a battle of wills. Walter Huston caps off his film career, in this his final role. As ever he chews up every scene in which he appears.
Wendell Corey is the love interest and provides some stability to Stanwyck, It is clearly one of his best performances. Gilbert Roland, one of Stanwyck's former lovers is a sworn enemy of Huston who robbed his family of their land. His end is perhaps the most memorable scenes of the film.

This is a character study of the first order. Stanwyck, as strong as ever and Huston every bit her match.

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