Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Why Are Some Stereotypes Acceptable?

From: The Daily Plunge

Last night my wife and I watched a movie called Easy A. In short, it was very clever, well-written, and funny at times. Overall I enjoyed it despite the fact it’s riddled with some of the problems that plague most Hollywood films when it comes to the issue of Christianity. Easy A is a typical high school comedy. This is a genre that I’m obviously outgrowing. I’m turning 32 soon and besides, I was homeschool. I never went to high school. The only reason I watched the movie was because Emma Stone was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role and it has a good cast.

The film suffers greatly in its depiction of Christianity. It’s stereotypical, cringe worthy, and it’s tired. Typically this stuff doesn’t bother me, but the film was smart. It didn’t have to grasp on to the tired steroetype. In the film Emma Stone plays Olive Penderghast who becomes the center of attention because it’s rumored she’s sleeping around. It’s not true, but the rumor sets off a chain of events. And of course, the Christians at the school hold hands, sing songs, protest the school mascot (Blue Devil is changed to Woodchuck), and torment poor Olive because she’s a whore going to hell.

Now one of the reason that many Hollywood movies fail to write about Christians is because they clearly don’t know any. That’s the only explanation I can gather from watching films like Easy A and Saved!. The same depictions are scattered all over pop culture. The most recent example is in the HBO series True Blood. In all of these examples Christians are shallow, self-righteous hypocrites.

Hollywood is proud that this type of lazy stereotype isn’t tolerated when it comes to blacks, gays, or, even worse, Muslims. Why is it tolerated when Hollywood demonizes Christians? One last point… If you look around the country at school mascots, it’s typically not Christians complaining. Duke Blue Devils anyone?

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