Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Top 300 Movies Of All Time: #249, " Close Encounters Of the Third Kind " (1977)

Steven Spielberg made a great splash with "Jaws" and this his follow up solidified his place in the first rank of directors.  This was Spielberg when he was summoning his inner child and gave us this fine, eye popping spectacle.

I remember seeing this at the Eric Twin Fern Rock on 5th Street, in Olney with a friend. I was I think eleven or twelve. I never really figured it all out then, because it was strange to a twelve year as a subject, but boy was it great.

This is a movie that makes much more sense as an adult. As a movie it was unique because it conveys first contact as an act of benevolence as opposed to an invasion epic, with sudden victory in an act of God.

So many great moments, besides the eye popping visual effects. Richard Dreyfuss and the mashed potatoes? His building the replica in his kitchen?

Teri Garr, looking for her young son, a desperate mother looking for answers. Francois Truffaut in a solid performance as a scientist seeking to initiate first contact. A great film that reminds us of movie magic at its very best. 

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