Thursday, June 23, 2011


Vincente Minelli sadly is best remembered by most as the father of Liza Minelli. Sadly, because more people ought to be familiar his his most distinguished career as a director of some of the greatest films ever made, at least as musicals are concerned. Although it should be noted that he would go on to direct Kirk Douglas as Vincent Van Gogh in "Lust For Life".
In 1953, Minnelli was blessed with a great cast, a simple plot and produced a great movie musical in "The Band Wagon. Plot is simple. British song and dance man plays pompous British play producer. The idea? A musical version of "Faust". It flops. Lays an egg as they say. But never fear friends because Fred Astaire,Cyd Charisse,Oscar Levant and Nanette Fabray are there to save the day.

The highlights are a simple song and dance with Astaire and Buchanan and a spectacular, almost Bob Fosse number featuring Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse in a mol like role. Highly entertaining in its simplicity and more than worth the viewing time.

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