Saturday, October 29, 2011

TOP 300 MOVIES OF ALL TIME: #226 " STALAG 17 " (1953)

William Holden reportedly had a drinking problem in large measure because he had a low opinion of his acting skills. His opinion of his acting however was not shared by his peers as evidenced by his winning the Best Actor Oscar for his performance in Billy Wilder's "Stalag 17". His win was all the more impressive as he was competing against Burt Lancaster in "From Here To Eternity" which won the other major Oscars that year.

The film as it suggests deals with American POW's being held at the German Stalag 17 which was overseen by Otto Preminger in a rare acting role. 

The highlight of course, interwoven amidst some comic relief is Holden's being accused of spying for the Commandant. 

Fine supporting roles from Don Taylor,Peter Graves,Robert Strauss,Harvey Lembeck,Neville Brand and more.

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