Friday, October 28, 2011

TOP 300 MOVIES OF ALL TIME: #228 " ADAM'S RIB " (1949)

George Cukor directed what is likely the best film that Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy ever made together. 

There's no sense in trying to describe the comedy. Spencer Tracy is trying Judy Holliday for shooting her husband. His wife, played by Hepburn is defending Holliday. It's the Battle of the Sexes between husband and wife. 

The film is ahead of its time even as a comedy because it deals with the limits a woman will endure from domestic violence.

Judy Holliday is endearing and a year later she would win a Best Actress Oscar for "Born Yesterday".

Tom Ewell,Jean Hagen,David Wayne,Hope Emerson and Eve March round out a superior supporting cast. The stars of this film however are the authors: Ruth Gordon and Garson Kanin.

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