Sunday, October 23, 2011

TOP 300 MOVIES OF ALL TIME: #239 " SABRINA " (1954)

Billy Wilder struck gold again in 1954 with "Sabrina". It's plot is simple. Humphrey Bogart is the older, responsible brother of the Larrabee's, a wealthy family running the family conglomerate. William Holden is the younger, wilder, playboy in the family, always irresponsible. 

Enter Audrey Hepburn, the daughter of the family chauffeur and she's in love with the spirited Holden. Holden eventually notices and they become romantic. Here's the catch: The family needs to have Holden marry the daughter of another company so the two companies can merge, a total marriage of convenience. 

Bogart is convinced he must get Hepburn to fall out of love with his younger brother and the way to do that is to create a sympathetic portrait of himself that would appeal to her. It's a brilliant romantic comedy, highlighted by a dry humored Bogart and a performance by Walter Hampden as his father and patriarch of the family that is among the best in film history.

Billy Wilder is as true for every romantic comedy of the era wanted Cary Grant in the lead, but he couldn't make every movie could he? Bogart is great off type. It has one of my favorite lines of all time too. BOGART: "Oh, yes, there were some children playing hopscotch".

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